Thursday, 24 March 2011

Only connect

A neighbour of mine called me up this evening to come and look through her telescope for the first time. She had it trained on Saturn and we were both blown away by being able to see the rings circling around the spectacular planet. As we went inside, I asked her partner why it was that we find it so exciting to see the stars and the planets at first hand. He said simply, "It's about connection." At the same time as feeling infinitesimally small, a tiny dot in the universe, when I gazed upwards, I felt my heart soaring with the magnificence of it all.

Mary Magdalene has arrived in my life and she has a lot to teach me, and through me, to teach others, above love. This is love of the unconditional, Divine, utterly forgiving and empowering kind. Whenever I connect to her, I feel my heart expanding to almost bursting point with ecstatic love. And it truly is a blessing to be able to fill myself with this love every day and to send it out to the world.

Many people are feeling very small at the moment and helpless in the face of all the suffering, trauma and violence in the world, on such a large scale. It is not easy to know what to do, how to best intervene, what one can usefully accomplish in the face of all that unsettlement, fear and sadness.

Mary asks me to pass on this message. To tell you who find me here that if you can't help in any other way, please send love from your highest heart vibration, send your soul's love, that is love from the Source to all parts of the Earth and its peoples, who so desperately need it. You may think that is little and pointless and without force, but she says this love breaks chains of bondage, it heals the heart, it gives hope and possibility and it opens doors wide to the healing of impossible situations and lost causes. You can do nothing more powerful. Only connect.

Love Hanna