Friday, 3 June 2011

Workshop for the Soul - Living from your Heart Centre

Living from your Heart Centre - Being Your Authentic Self

Saturday 18 June, 10.00am - 5.00pm, Oxford

From June 1 2011, a time of partial Solar Eclipse, building up until the full Lunar Eclipse at full moon on June 15 2011, when the energies are fully activated, you are again offered the most wonderful energy, as a portal opens up to the Higher Realms, to expand your awareness, dramatically raise your frequency as part of your Higher Soul Journey (your Ascension and that of the planet) and leave behind you parts of your being and your life which no longer serve you and your purpose. These energies were first made available to us earlier this year at the time of the Solar Eclipse on January 4 2011. Now they return to us from the Centre of the Galaxy, from what the Mayans called the Cosmic Mother, the Galactic Womb where new planets are created. Followed by another partial Solar Eclipse on July 1, this time spans two of the four major points of power this year as we move inexorably towards the key changes of 2012.

You are now being invited by your Highest Self and Spirit to allow the energy of this powerful Divine assistance to invigorate, heal and bless you, and to take you to your Highest Potential, as you open up your Heart Centre to the expansive energy of who you truly can BECOME - and to BE that highest form of yourself in all your LOVE RELATIONSHIPS.

You are invited to join us in the peaceful and beautiful setting of Boars Hill, Oxford for a gathering on Saturday 18 June to tap into this amazing, powerful energy, leave the past behind and create the Life of your dreams. Join with a small, intimate group as we clear what holds us back, align with what our soul urges us to do and discover what our destiny has in store for us. We will spend time doing clearance work in the morning to shift any obstacles and heal what needs to be left behind. At peace with the past, we will then open up to the rising energy and allow the Divine to attune us to our highest soul potential at this time, as we move forward to create the best possible, soul-guided 2011 for ourselves.

If you would like to be part of this wonderful day, please book via the ticketing link here, or call Soul Pathway Coaching on 0845 834 0294. You can also e-mail us to discuss alternate forms of payment. For further information about Soul Pathway Coaching, please visit

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