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What are the differences between twin souls, soul mates and split souls?

Much confusion abounds on this subject and a lot of it stems from an upsurge of interest in the notion of 'twin souls' or, as some people term it, 'twin flames'. I hope this brief post will clarify some of the issues. Most of what I know on the subject has come directly from Spirit and my own personal life experiences and those of my clients. When considering these things in relation to your own life, it is essential, as it always is, for you to take this information inside and assess whether it resonates with you. If you are interested in this subject, then I expect you do that as a matter of course anyway!

When we incarnate into any given life, we frequently join other souls with whom we have shared earthly experiences before. We are likely to have similar interests with at least some of them. We often have deep love for them whether through family ties or the bonds of friendship. They may be our neighbours or colleagues. They may be our lovers. It is also highly likely that there will be things we are meant, or have decided, to experience and achieve together. Often, too, there will be karmic issues to sort out between us. We will feel a special bond with these people, even if it is not always comfortable, and we will frequently have the sense that we have known each other before. These people are our soul mates and belong to a group of souls which have decided to incarnate at the same time and meet up with one another at some point during a given lifetime.

It is a far rarer occurrence for a soul to split. This happens when a soul decides that it wants to accelerate its learning. It may be faced with a huge amount of negativity that it wants to clear or it may wish to finally overcome an ingrained and repeated karmic pattern. The soul will then split with some parts of it typically remaining in Spirit to guide those that incarnate. Other parts of the soul may well travel to different dimensions to increase the learning available to the soul. What typically happens is that the split soul members will meet up in order to confront one another with the key aspect that the soul wants to heal. Again these soul parts may meet up as groups for shorter or longer periods of time. These will most likely be important moments of learning for the soul. There will be huge parallels in the experiences of these soul parts, albeit with an array of variations. Nonetheless, the split soul members will have the opportunity of having mirrored back to them exactly what they themselves need to learn, or alternately will have the chance to share what they have learnt with another part of themselves.

If such a soul wishes to learn about the nature of love, it will split in a very particular way. Each part of the soul will be paired with its twin. Sometimes one twin will remain in Spirit, which brings with it a special set of challenges, but generally the twin souls will incarnate in order to meet one another on the earth plane. The combined energy of a split soul and its twin is far greater than the sum of its parts and great work can be achieved by twin souls operating in harmony. The soul purpose of these twins, when all karma is healed, is to demonstrate to other people the true nature of love and what it can create. This is something that may take many lifetimes to perfect. Typically there is a great deal for these split soul twins to learn in relationship with one another. A twin soul relationship is one of the most intense of all relationships because one is faced by exactly that part of oneself that needs to be healed in order to fully learn the ways of love. These are not easy encounters at all. In fact, most people who have experienced them find themselves overwhelmed by the feelings unleashed by the initial meeting and subsequent relationship. There is an immense pull between the soul partners, with a great deal of synchronicity shared in their individual stories, but while the love and attraction is intense, so are the problems encountered in the partnership. The twin souls are very likely to be challenged to their utmost in such a relationship, faced as they are with aspects of themselves that may be very uncomfortable, or hardest to address. Nonetheless, the soul has chosen this pathway in order to maximise its growth in this area, an aspect of existence that takes us all to the core of ourselves and best gives us access to the nature of divine and universal energy, which is love.

The key lesson in a split soul twin relationship is to learn to love yourself. It is only through facing yourself, becoming truly authentic and living according to your soul purpose, that you become strong enough to enter successfully into relationship with another person. Often one partner finds this too much of a challenge and too intense and he or she runs away from the relationship. Yet whether one stays or goes, this separation throws up enormous potential for each partner to complete this soul learning before entering again into relationship with the twin. Sometimes the pull is very strong for the twins to get back together before the learning is done and much upheaval and distress can be caused, with the partners likely to separate again if they are not yet able to be fully themselves. If the soul twins each understand and recognise what is happening to them, then with great sensitivity, it is, of course, possible to work through these issues. Each set of circumstances is different. However, each twin needs to be able to appreciate when things are not working and to fully take responsibility for his or her part in this. These are the moments when most can be learnt and the soul best achieves its growth.

Even though these relationships can be exhausting and bewildering at times, they do offer the most intense of connections, with moments of insight into the powerfully beautiful nature of universal love. Although there is great sadness in realising that your twin may choose not to face the lessons in a particular lifetime and take a different path to you, there is some comfort in knowing that you and your soul twin will meet again in subsequent lifetimes until the issue between you is finally resolved. The joy of reunion and final resolution into a mature relationship between whole, openly loving and authentic partners is like nothing else offered to us as part of our earthly existences.

Are you ready to meet your twin soul, the other half of your true self? How to prepare yourself for the union. What to expect when you reunite with your twin soul. Are you troubled by the depth of feeling in your relationship despite many difficulties? Is one partner running from the deep emotions evoked by the relationship? What should you learn from this most important of all earthly soul connections? I offer Twin Soul readings to assist you to gain clarity on this most complex of relationships. For further information, click here.

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