Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Experiencing and Healing the Eighth Chakra (the Soul Star Chakra)

The eighth chakra is also known as the 'Seat of the Soul', the 'Halo' chakra or 'Soul Star' chakra. It is the first of the soul chakras and sits about two feet above our crown chakras. It is the centre which connects us to divine love, being also the main conduit between our higher selves (our eternal souls) and our incarnated selves (our personalities and the expression of our souls in this lifetime). It is concerned with the spiritual compassion and selflessness which comes from the appreciation we gain of ourselves as existences beyond time and space. When this chakra starts to open we begin to understand that we are souls within a temporary body, and not bodies with a soul. And we start to see other people in this light and begin to have some glimpses into their soul dimensions, empathisizing more with the particular challenges of their soul's journey.

The Soul Star chakra houses the age-old knowledge of all of the soul contracts we have made in our many incarnations, and it is for this reason that issues relating to our soul's purpose become so important to us when this chakra is activated. The things we have agreed to do on a soul level, whether we have any clear recollection of them or not, come up for attention and nag at us until we give them due care. Often then, as the Eighth chakra opens, we feel a strong need to realign ourselves and to finally start to do what we somehow know we are here to do.

Also housed within this chakra are the residues of all the karmic patterns which we have held onto and have yet to heal. These are the lessons we need to learn in order for our soul to grow. It is from this karmic patterning that we need to free ourselves, if we want to move beyond the perspective of this lifetime and ready ourselves to align with higher energy and work with our own higher spiritual gifts. Our higher soul journey (also called the Ascension Process) is ultimately preparing us to return to the Divine Light or Heaven, all lessons learnt. It also, however, has huge value in itself as a journey, and we have many things to do along the way as part of our soul's purpose here on earth.

As the last of the chakras directly connected with our human existences, it is thus a key site of cleansing and there is often much work to be done to fully heal and open this chakra. The big traumatic karmic patterns of rejection, abandonment, denial, abuse and betrayal (by others and of the self) leave their traces here. Not only does the experience of those things in this lifetime need healing as the Soul Star chakra opens, but also their karmic roots going back through our many incarnations. Some of this we find we can let go of easily (the issues are easily identified as outworn and irrelevant) but often our experiences are tough and painful. It is not always simple to see what we can learn from such events in our life, when we are still stuck in the patterns.

Also located in our Eighth chakra are the roots of our spiritual gifts and abilities. The more we cleanse of our karmic residue, the more we open up to these skills, and the greater the information we start to receive on a psychic level. All of this aids our understanding ultimately, but it is easy to feel rather disconcerted and confused if our Soul Star chakra does not clear and open up smoothly to the magnificent energies available to us. Often people feel rather lacking in grounding at this point as they awaken to abilities, often as yet in fledgling form, which they never imagined would be theirs. As natural as this is, we can feel isolated if those around us have no comprehension of such things. It is hugely helpful at this point on our soul's higher journey to seek out other people who have gone before us on the spiritual pathway and can reassure us we are not loosing our minds and going mad.

As when any other higher chakra is opening, the energies awakened need to be fully integrated within the aura system. A wave-like flowing and balancing upwards and downwards is the ideal. This higher energy can, however, highlight issues in our bodies, emotions and minds that we thought we had resolved. As we grow, these old issues may need to be revisited to make sure they are truly healed on these higher levels. It is worth remembering that issues of mind, body and emotion often require healing on the level of your soul, the level of karmic clearance, to finally resolve them.

It is possible to heal this chakra, thus helping it to open up, by oneself. However, due to the nature of trauma healing, it is extremely inadvisable for people to do this on their own. Equally, one should not work on other people's Eighth chakras unless one's own Eighth is fully functional. As at all times, complete protection should be asked for to ensure unimpeded healing.

Whichever way we choose to deal with such healing and growth, it is very helpful to make sure that we keep ourselves grounded as we seek to align and integrate these unfamiliar energies and gifts. It is thus very often the case that work needs to be done on our Earth Star chakra (sometimes known as Chakra Zero) which sits below our feet in the earth and is our earth-grounding centre. This is the point through which our energies and purpose are brought to earth. If this chakra is functioning well, we will be able to manifest what we are meant to be doing at whatever stage of our soul's journey we find ourselves.

When we drop our fear and start to recognise ourselves as souls on a journey back to the Light with a list of things to do along the way whilst we are here on earth, life becomes so much more simple. Wherever you are on your soul's pathway, I wish you joy, growth and peace.


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  1. Dear Hanna, thank you soooo much! Your post has helped me immensely and "reassured me that I'm not losing my mind or going mad", after seeing and experiencing my soul star chakra for the first time (in this life) during an ayahuasca ceremony. Blessings on your journey.

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