Friday, 7 May 2010

Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

Clearing the space in your mind in order to access your own particular inner wisdom, or reaching out to the greater wisdom of the universe (and maybe finding that they are one and the same thing!), is for many of us an ongoing struggle. There are many ways of learning to gain that peace, and some will suit you better than others. Some methods and practices take dedication and repetition, however, until they become second nature, even if they eventually take as much effort as brushing your teeth.

There is, however, a very simple shift you can undertake in your thought processes that will allow you amazing insight into your truth and the highest good.

As a child we constantly asked, "why?" as we sought to understand the world around us. We looked to adults and the world of adults to supply the answer, and sometimes it was not forthcoming.

"Why?", however, can get us stuck in the past or the present. "Why did that happen?", "Why did he say that?", "Why don't I get better opportunities in life?" It is easy to go round in circles, as we seek for certainty and the one final answer we feel is necessary before we can put that old issue to bed. "Why?" can, of course, lead to many great discoveries, such as in the field of science, but in our personal lives, there are so many situations when searching for the answer to "why?" is deeply frustrating and can lead us into self-defeating cycles of thought. "Why doesn't he love me?" "Why is life so hard?" "Why didn't I get that job?"

The thing is that if we ask our brains or our higher selves the question "why?", off they go seeking for detail to answer our question.

How about instead asking ourselves another sort of question altogether in such situations? A question that elicts from our greater knowledge and wisdom a way forward, a way of freeing ourselves from the endless, sometimes pointless, "whys?"

The questions we ask of ourselves and others tend to begin with the words, "when?", "who?", "why?", "what?" and "how?" "When?" and "who?" are very specific and as we have seen "why?" finds us getting stuck in the detail. They all seek finite answers. The answers they find for us are often limited in scope.

Instead of asking, "Why doesn't he love me?", how would it be if we were to ask our greater intelligence something like, "What can I do to find love in my life?" And instead of thinking, "Why is life so hard?" seeking a response to something like, "How can I find ways of making my life easier?" or "What can I do to find help?"

What would it be like for you to ask your higher self or your divine connection, "what do I need to get through this situation?" or "what can I learn from this set of circumstances?" instead of "why is this happening to me?" For me, such open-ended questions are empowering and move us from victimhood into resourcefulness. The beautiful source of guidance and unconditional love offered by spirit or the divine or God (or whatever you call this) does not want to support you in beating yourself up or blaming others for your circumstances. Instead, it wants to gently help you through to greater trust and wisdom. How much more fruitful to ask, "what would have made a difference?" or "what would move things forward?", than seeking to apportion fault ("who is to blame?") or ("why do I always mess this up?")

Here's a little exercise I set my higher self and my lovely, hardworking spirit guides when I am struggling to find answers or a way forward with some apparently intractable problem.

Just before going to sleep, I ask that, immediately upon waking, I have, or am given, the answer to something I am drawing a blank on. "What would best resolve this situation for me?" or "what would be the best way of moving this issue forward for me?" I have been amazed at the ideas that have come to me in my first waking thoughts each time I have done this. Perhaps you will also find this a helpful thing to do. For me it reinforces my connection to a higher, loving source of wisdom and ensures that I do not feel helpless or alone in my struggles.

Of course, you may wish to ask at other times of the day. The trick is to ask and then let it be. You will be surprised at how the answers come to you when you open up to the possibility of your inner wisdom and your greater connection to the source of universal love.

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