Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Elements of Soul Purpose

You may argue with me on this one, but you are a gifted, gorgeous, unique and perfect human being. Yes, you are! Don't worry, I struggle with that one, too, at times, but I'm getting better at accepting it! You also have a life or soul purpose. And you are the best qualified person to carry out that soul purpose. Your life so far has brought you to this point and you have been born with, and have acquired along the way, everything that you need to do the job in the best possible manner. No-one else could do what you are here to do. They simply haven't got what it takes.

You are here on this planet to be happy and fulfilled, and to learn and to be successful, whatever that means to you. And awakening to your own purpose makes a huge difference. When you feel you are contributing and living a life full of meaning and inspiration, you will nourish the lives of others and your own soul into the bargain.

So how do you go about finding your soul's purpose? The simple answer is to listen to your soul, but that isn't always easy. We have often forgotten how to do that or dismiss its urges and yearnings as unimportant and irritating. "I love my family, I have my health and a job to bring in the money, so why can't I be satisfied with that? What's the matter with me? Perhaps a holiday, some retail therapy, another bar of chocolate, a new lover will help?" But great as some of those are in themselves, they may not aid your soul and, in fact, may just block out the insistent whisperings - until that is, your soul starts to have to turn up the volume, just to get you to hear, and things start to go wrong. You start getting ill to avoid things, you find it difficult to get motivated, you procrastinate and you find yourself moaning more than you would like.

Many people fear that for them to live according to their purpose, they would probably have to change their lives radically, break off relationships, take up navel-gazing or become very selfish. And they just don't want to do that and quite frankly haven't got the time. For some people such massive change is exactly what they need and, indeed, know they want - and that's fine. They just need some support to get through it. For some it is about cutting out the dead wood. For many people, there is only one thing that needs altering, and that is awareness. For them it is about waking up to realise just what they bring to life and other people, and then maybe aligning their every-day decision-making and sense of self more closely to that purpose. For most people it is somewhere on the scale between the two extremes. Where are you on the soul purpose spectrum?

How does soul manifest in your life? It is the essence of you; it is what animates you, what gives you vitality. When you operate with soul, when you tap into that inner resource, how do you feel? I'd like to guess you feel inspired, happy, creative and fulfilled, even if just for a moment. And you access your own truth in those moments, and can see the point of things, even sadness, mourning or loss.

So what feeds your soul? What are its elements and the qualities it brings which qualify you, at this moment, to be the perfect candidate to fulfill your soul's purpose on earth? For me the roots of soul and the key to finding your purpose, lie in the experiences you have gone through in this lifetime (and maybe others); the gifts you have been given or have chosen to have in this lifetime; the things that make your heart sing, about which you feel really passionate and focused; and your trust, faith or inspiration, which keep you going when others would just give up. These are the elements that make you who you are, the ideal person for the job. How could you combine them in your life in a more fulfilling, nourishing (self-nourishing) and successful way? Are you ready to explore them and to take your life and purpose to the next level?

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