Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My logo and the twelve-chakra system

The twelve chakra system

As many of you will have noticed, much of what is written about the chakra system of the individual makes reference to the 7 chakras of the body, and many people heal via a wide variety of different therapies on the basis of this.

Much as there are 12 dimensions of existence - about which more later - there are, in fact, also 12 chakras associated with the human soul, 7 of which are more familiarly those related to the body. As you will have heard said, though, we are more than just our bodies, and after a certain period of learning, probably taking many lifetimes to acquire, we start to open up to the higher chakras. This can be a disconcerting time for people, particularly if they don't understand what is happening. A different sort of work, and thus a different sort of healing, becomes necessary.

Over the coming weeks I will post articles here to explain about the various chakras, what they mean and what they govern in terms of our bodies and souls.

The story of my logo

Several people have already asked me what my logo means and how it came about. The labyrinth, the symbol of pilgrimage and the soul pathway is generally represented as having 7 rings, such as in the case of the Cretan labyrinth, or as having 11, such as in the beautiful medieval labyrinth, a famous example of which features on the floor of Chartres Cathedral.

I knew I wanted to incorporate a labyrinth somewhere in my logo, and for a while mistakenly thought it would be the lovely Cretan symbol. It was then, however, as is so often the way, made very clear to me by my guides that the labyrinth I needed, and my clients needed, did not yet exist. I was told in no uncertain terms that I would have to channel it, despite my blocks around drawing (I haven't yet progressed beyond infant school on that front!). So I took inspiration from the beautiful work of my creative friend, Lisa, and sat down with pen and paper and waited to see what St.Michael would say!

Immediately he reminded me of the wonderful energy formation that is produced when two ley lines cross - at a point called a node. If you find one, the healing available there is fantastic! (More of this at a later date, too.) That symbol takes the form of three concentric twelve-pointed stars and St. Michael said I must turn that into a labyrinth. It wasn't until a friend phoned and said that, for some reason, her guide, David was telling her that I needed a compass to do what I was doing, that I finally found a satisfactory way of managing this. Perfect, but then David also said that I needed to incorporate the light of a 5-pointed star into the design! Maths and geometry not being my strong point (either!), I briefly wondered 'why me?' but managed to finalise the design.

It wasn't until later that day that I came upon a passage in a book I was reading which said that another name for the Minotaur, who lived at the centre of the original labyrinth of mythology in Crete, was Asterion, which means 'star'. I then did some research and found that a key meaning of the 5-pointed star, as I have drawn it, is 'universal healing'.

So, it seems, we walk our soul pathway, we walk the labyrinth, ever inwards, advancing in learning, opening up to, and healing, our twelve dimensions, our twelve chakras, until we reach the centre, which is universal healing. And then we are asked to walk back outwards again to take this light to the world.

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