Monday, 12 July 2010

What are the differences between twin souls, soul mates and split souls?

Much confusion abounds on this subject and a lot of it stems from an upsurge of interest in the notion of 'twin souls' or, as some people term it, 'twin flames'. I hope this brief post will clarify some of the issues. Most of what I know on the subject has come directly from Spirit and my own personal life experiences and those of my clients. When considering these things in relation to your own life, it is essential, as it always is, for you to take this information inside and assess whether it resonates with you. If you are interested in this subject, then I expect you do that as a matter of course anyway!

When we incarnate into any given life, we frequently join other souls with whom we have shared earthly experiences before. We are likely to have similar interests with at least some of them. We often have deep love for them whether through family ties or the bonds of friendship. They may be our neighbours or colleagues. They may be our lovers. It is also highly likely that there will be things we are meant, or have decided, to experience and achieve together. Often, too, there will be karmic issues to sort out between us. We will feel a special bond with these people, even if it is not always comfortable, and we will frequently have the sense that we have known each other before. These people are our soul mates and belong to a group of souls which have decided to incarnate at the same time and meet up with one another at some point during a given lifetime.

It is a far rarer occurrence for a soul to split. This happens when a soul decides that it wants to accelerate its learning. It may be faced with a huge amount of negativity that it wants to clear or it may wish to finally overcome an ingrained and repeated karmic pattern. The soul will then split with some parts of it typically remaining in Spirit to guide those that incarnate. Other parts of the soul may well travel to different dimensions to increase the learning available to the soul. What typically happens is that the split soul members will meet up in order to confront one another with the key aspect that the soul wants to heal. Again these soul parts may meet up as groups for shorter or longer periods of time. These will most likely be important moments of learning for the soul. There will be huge parallels in the experiences of these soul parts, albeit with an array of variations. Nonetheless, the split soul members will have the opportunity of having mirrored back to them exactly what they themselves need to learn, or alternately will have the chance to share what they have learnt with another part of themselves.

If such a soul wishes to learn about the nature of love, it will split in a very particular way. Each part of the soul will be paired with its twin. Sometimes one twin will remain in Spirit, which brings with it a special set of challenges, but generally the twin souls will incarnate in order to meet one another on the earth plane. The combined energy of a split soul and its twin is far greater than the sum of its parts and great work can be achieved by twin souls operating in harmony. The soul purpose of these twins, when all karma is healed, is to demonstrate to other people the true nature of love and what it can create. This is something that may take many lifetimes to perfect. Typically there is a great deal for these split soul twins to learn in relationship with one another. A twin soul relationship is one of the most intense of all relationships because one is faced by exactly that part of oneself that needs to be healed in order to fully learn the ways of love. These are not easy encounters at all. In fact, most people who have experienced them find themselves overwhelmed by the feelings unleashed by the initial meeting and subsequent relationship. There is an immense pull between the soul partners, with a great deal of synchronicity shared in their individual stories, but while the love and attraction is intense, so are the problems encountered in the partnership. The twin souls are very likely to be challenged to their utmost in such a relationship, faced as they are with aspects of themselves that may be very uncomfortable, or hardest to address. Nonetheless, the soul has chosen this pathway in order to maximise its growth in this area, an aspect of existence that takes us all to the core of ourselves and best gives us access to the nature of divine and universal energy, which is love.

The key lesson in a split soul twin relationship is to learn to love yourself. It is only through facing yourself, becoming truly authentic and living according to your soul purpose, that you become strong enough to enter successfully into relationship with another person. Often one partner finds this too much of a challenge and too intense and he or she runs away from the relationship. Yet whether one stays or goes, this separation throws up enormous potential for each partner to complete this soul learning before entering again into relationship with the twin. Sometimes the pull is very strong for the twins to get back together before the learning is done and much upheaval and distress can be caused, with the partners likely to separate again if they are not yet able to be fully themselves. If the soul twins each understand and recognise what is happening to them, then with great sensitivity, it is, of course, possible to work through these issues. Each set of circumstances is different. However, each twin needs to be able to appreciate when things are not working and to fully take responsibility for his or her part in this. These are the moments when most can be learnt and the soul best achieves its growth.

Even though these relationships can be exhausting and bewildering at times, they do offer the most intense of connections, with moments of insight into the powerfully beautiful nature of universal love. Although there is great sadness in realising that your twin may choose not to face the lessons in a particular lifetime and take a different path to you, there is some comfort in knowing that you and your soul twin will meet again in subsequent lifetimes until the issue between you is finally resolved. The joy of reunion and final resolution into a mature relationship between whole, openly loving and authentic partners is like nothing else offered to us as part of our earthly existences.

Are you ready to meet your twin soul, the other half of your true self? How to prepare yourself for the union. What to expect when you reunite with your twin soul. Are you troubled by the depth of feeling in your relationship despite many difficulties? Is one partner running from the deep emotions evoked by the relationship? What should you learn from this most important of all earthly soul connections? I offer Twin Soul readings to assist you to gain clarity on this most complex of relationships. For further information, click here.

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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Soul Purpose and the Law of Dharma

I was given this book many years ago and had all but forgotten that it was on my bookshelves. The other day it jumped out at me and the book opened at page 97, where I read the following excerpt:
"There are three components to the Law of Dharma.* The first component says that each of us is here to discover our true Self, to find out on our own that our true Self is spiritual, that essentially we are spiritual beings that have taken manifestation in physical form. We're not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences - it's the other way around: we're spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences.

Each of us is here to discover our higher self or our spiritual self. That's the first fulfillment of the Law of Dharma. We must find out for ourself that inside us is a god or goddess in embryo that wants to be born so that we can express our divinity.

The second component of the Law of Dharma is to express our unique talents. The Law of Dharma says that every human being has a unique talent. You have a talent that is unique in its expression, so unique that there's no one else alive on this planet that has that talent, or that expression of that talent. This means that there's one thing you can do, and one way of doing it, that is better than anyone else on this entire planet. When you're doing that one thing, you lose track of time. When you're expressing that one unique talent that you possess - or more than one unique talent in many cases - the expression of that talent takes you into timeless awareness.

The third component of the Law of Dharma is service to humanity - to serve your fellow human beings and to ask yourself the questions, "How can I help? How can I help all those that I come into contact with?" When you combine the ability to express your unique talent with service to humanity, then you make full use of the Law of Dharma. And coupled with the experience of your own spirituality, the field of pure potentiality, there is no way you will not have access to unlimited abundance, because that is the real way abundance is achieved."

*Dharma is a Sanskrit word meaning 'the highest good'; 'living in dharma' is to live according to your purpose in life.

Apart from the fact that I was bowled over that this passage fully echoes my own intent in setting up Soul Pathway Coaching, I was reminded of how powerful a book this is. Deepak Chopra's message in this small book is so simple, and yet it bears many re-readings. Truly one to keep by your bedside to dip into again and again.

Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, London/New York/Toronto/Sydney/Auckland: Bantam Press, 1996

For more on the services offered by Soul Pathway Coaching, visit

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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ten Steps to Soul Awareness - claim your free copy

A free Soul Pathway Coaching guide for you: 'Ten Steps to Soul Awareness'

Your soul is the part of you that lives for all eternity. It knows what you need at all times. What will bring you into alignment with your soul's desires and guide you to your soul's purpose? I hope this guide will assist you in your quest.

If you would like a copy of this guide, please click here to go direct to my website where you can sign up to receive a free copy as a download.

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Experiencing and Healing the Eighth Chakra (the Soul Star Chakra)

The eighth chakra is also known as the 'Seat of the Soul', the 'Halo' chakra or 'Soul Star' chakra. It is the first of the soul chakras and sits about two feet above our crown chakras. It is the centre which connects us to divine love, being also the main conduit between our higher selves (our eternal souls) and our incarnated selves (our personalities and the expression of our souls in this lifetime). It is concerned with the spiritual compassion and selflessness which comes from the appreciation we gain of ourselves as existences beyond time and space. When this chakra starts to open we begin to understand that we are souls within a temporary body, and not bodies with a soul. And we start to see other people in this light and begin to have some glimpses into their soul dimensions, empathisizing more with the particular challenges of their soul's journey.

The Soul Star chakra houses the age-old knowledge of all of the soul contracts we have made in our many incarnations, and it is for this reason that issues relating to our soul's purpose become so important to us when this chakra is activated. The things we have agreed to do on a soul level, whether we have any clear recollection of them or not, come up for attention and nag at us until we give them due care. Often then, as the Eighth chakra opens, we feel a strong need to realign ourselves and to finally start to do what we somehow know we are here to do.

Also housed within this chakra are the residues of all the karmic patterns which we have held onto and have yet to heal. These are the lessons we need to learn in order for our soul to grow. It is from this karmic patterning that we need to free ourselves, if we want to move beyond the perspective of this lifetime and ready ourselves to align with higher energy and work with our own higher spiritual gifts. Our higher soul journey (also called the Ascension Process) is ultimately preparing us to return to the Divine Light or Heaven, all lessons learnt. It also, however, has huge value in itself as a journey, and we have many things to do along the way as part of our soul's purpose here on earth.

As the last of the chakras directly connected with our human existences, it is thus a key site of cleansing and there is often much work to be done to fully heal and open this chakra. The big traumatic karmic patterns of rejection, abandonment, denial, abuse and betrayal (by others and of the self) leave their traces here. Not only does the experience of those things in this lifetime need healing as the Soul Star chakra opens, but also their karmic roots going back through our many incarnations. Some of this we find we can let go of easily (the issues are easily identified as outworn and irrelevant) but often our experiences are tough and painful. It is not always simple to see what we can learn from such events in our life, when we are still stuck in the patterns.

Also located in our Eighth chakra are the roots of our spiritual gifts and abilities. The more we cleanse of our karmic residue, the more we open up to these skills, and the greater the information we start to receive on a psychic level. All of this aids our understanding ultimately, but it is easy to feel rather disconcerted and confused if our Soul Star chakra does not clear and open up smoothly to the magnificent energies available to us. Often people feel rather lacking in grounding at this point as they awaken to abilities, often as yet in fledgling form, which they never imagined would be theirs. As natural as this is, we can feel isolated if those around us have no comprehension of such things. It is hugely helpful at this point on our soul's higher journey to seek out other people who have gone before us on the spiritual pathway and can reassure us we are not loosing our minds and going mad.

As when any other higher chakra is opening, the energies awakened need to be fully integrated within the aura system. A wave-like flowing and balancing upwards and downwards is the ideal. This higher energy can, however, highlight issues in our bodies, emotions and minds that we thought we had resolved. As we grow, these old issues may need to be revisited to make sure they are truly healed on these higher levels. It is worth remembering that issues of mind, body and emotion often require healing on the level of your soul, the level of karmic clearance, to finally resolve them.

It is possible to heal this chakra, thus helping it to open up, by oneself. However, due to the nature of trauma healing, it is extremely inadvisable for people to do this on their own. Equally, one should not work on other people's Eighth chakras unless one's own Eighth is fully functional. As at all times, complete protection should be asked for to ensure unimpeded healing.

Whichever way we choose to deal with such healing and growth, it is very helpful to make sure that we keep ourselves grounded as we seek to align and integrate these unfamiliar energies and gifts. It is thus very often the case that work needs to be done on our Earth Star chakra (sometimes known as Chakra Zero) which sits below our feet in the earth and is our earth-grounding centre. This is the point through which our energies and purpose are brought to earth. If this chakra is functioning well, we will be able to manifest what we are meant to be doing at whatever stage of our soul's journey we find ourselves.

When we drop our fear and start to recognise ourselves as souls on a journey back to the Light with a list of things to do along the way whilst we are here on earth, life becomes so much more simple. Wherever you are on your soul's pathway, I wish you joy, growth and peace.


Soul Pathway Coaching runs a series of Soul Workshops to assist and support you on your higher soul journey. For more information, please click here.

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Friday, 7 May 2010

Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

Clearing the space in your mind in order to access your own particular inner wisdom, or reaching out to the greater wisdom of the universe (and maybe finding that they are one and the same thing!), is for many of us an ongoing struggle. There are many ways of learning to gain that peace, and some will suit you better than others. Some methods and practices take dedication and repetition, however, until they become second nature, even if they eventually take as much effort as brushing your teeth.

There is, however, a very simple shift you can undertake in your thought processes that will allow you amazing insight into your truth and the highest good.

As a child we constantly asked, "why?" as we sought to understand the world around us. We looked to adults and the world of adults to supply the answer, and sometimes it was not forthcoming.

"Why?", however, can get us stuck in the past or the present. "Why did that happen?", "Why did he say that?", "Why don't I get better opportunities in life?" It is easy to go round in circles, as we seek for certainty and the one final answer we feel is necessary before we can put that old issue to bed. "Why?" can, of course, lead to many great discoveries, such as in the field of science, but in our personal lives, there are so many situations when searching for the answer to "why?" is deeply frustrating and can lead us into self-defeating cycles of thought. "Why doesn't he love me?" "Why is life so hard?" "Why didn't I get that job?"

The thing is that if we ask our brains or our higher selves the question "why?", off they go seeking for detail to answer our question.

How about instead asking ourselves another sort of question altogether in such situations? A question that elicts from our greater knowledge and wisdom a way forward, a way of freeing ourselves from the endless, sometimes pointless, "whys?"

The questions we ask of ourselves and others tend to begin with the words, "when?", "who?", "why?", "what?" and "how?" "When?" and "who?" are very specific and as we have seen "why?" finds us getting stuck in the detail. They all seek finite answers. The answers they find for us are often limited in scope.

Instead of asking, "Why doesn't he love me?", how would it be if we were to ask our greater intelligence something like, "What can I do to find love in my life?" And instead of thinking, "Why is life so hard?" seeking a response to something like, "How can I find ways of making my life easier?" or "What can I do to find help?"

What would it be like for you to ask your higher self or your divine connection, "what do I need to get through this situation?" or "what can I learn from this set of circumstances?" instead of "why is this happening to me?" For me, such open-ended questions are empowering and move us from victimhood into resourcefulness. The beautiful source of guidance and unconditional love offered by spirit or the divine or God (or whatever you call this) does not want to support you in beating yourself up or blaming others for your circumstances. Instead, it wants to gently help you through to greater trust and wisdom. How much more fruitful to ask, "what would have made a difference?" or "what would move things forward?", than seeking to apportion fault ("who is to blame?") or ("why do I always mess this up?")

Here's a little exercise I set my higher self and my lovely, hardworking spirit guides when I am struggling to find answers or a way forward with some apparently intractable problem.

Just before going to sleep, I ask that, immediately upon waking, I have, or am given, the answer to something I am drawing a blank on. "What would best resolve this situation for me?" or "what would be the best way of moving this issue forward for me?" I have been amazed at the ideas that have come to me in my first waking thoughts each time I have done this. Perhaps you will also find this a helpful thing to do. For me it reinforces my connection to a higher, loving source of wisdom and ensures that I do not feel helpless or alone in my struggles.

Of course, you may wish to ask at other times of the day. The trick is to ask and then let it be. You will be surprised at how the answers come to you when you open up to the possibility of your inner wisdom and your greater connection to the source of universal love.

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Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Elements of Soul Purpose

You may argue with me on this one, but you are a gifted, gorgeous, unique and perfect human being. Yes, you are! Don't worry, I struggle with that one, too, at times, but I'm getting better at accepting it! You also have a life or soul purpose. And you are the best qualified person to carry out that soul purpose. Your life so far has brought you to this point and you have been born with, and have acquired along the way, everything that you need to do the job in the best possible manner. No-one else could do what you are here to do. They simply haven't got what it takes.

You are here on this planet to be happy and fulfilled, and to learn and to be successful, whatever that means to you. And awakening to your own purpose makes a huge difference. When you feel you are contributing and living a life full of meaning and inspiration, you will nourish the lives of others and your own soul into the bargain.

So how do you go about finding your soul's purpose? The simple answer is to listen to your soul, but that isn't always easy. We have often forgotten how to do that or dismiss its urges and yearnings as unimportant and irritating. "I love my family, I have my health and a job to bring in the money, so why can't I be satisfied with that? What's the matter with me? Perhaps a holiday, some retail therapy, another bar of chocolate, a new lover will help?" But great as some of those are in themselves, they may not aid your soul and, in fact, may just block out the insistent whisperings - until that is, your soul starts to have to turn up the volume, just to get you to hear, and things start to go wrong. You start getting ill to avoid things, you find it difficult to get motivated, you procrastinate and you find yourself moaning more than you would like.

Many people fear that for them to live according to their purpose, they would probably have to change their lives radically, break off relationships, take up navel-gazing or become very selfish. And they just don't want to do that and quite frankly haven't got the time. For some people such massive change is exactly what they need and, indeed, know they want - and that's fine. They just need some support to get through it. For some it is about cutting out the dead wood. For many people, there is only one thing that needs altering, and that is awareness. For them it is about waking up to realise just what they bring to life and other people, and then maybe aligning their every-day decision-making and sense of self more closely to that purpose. For most people it is somewhere on the scale between the two extremes. Where are you on the soul purpose spectrum?

How does soul manifest in your life? It is the essence of you; it is what animates you, what gives you vitality. When you operate with soul, when you tap into that inner resource, how do you feel? I'd like to guess you feel inspired, happy, creative and fulfilled, even if just for a moment. And you access your own truth in those moments, and can see the point of things, even sadness, mourning or loss.

So what feeds your soul? What are its elements and the qualities it brings which qualify you, at this moment, to be the perfect candidate to fulfill your soul's purpose on earth? For me the roots of soul and the key to finding your purpose, lie in the experiences you have gone through in this lifetime (and maybe others); the gifts you have been given or have chosen to have in this lifetime; the things that make your heart sing, about which you feel really passionate and focused; and your trust, faith or inspiration, which keep you going when others would just give up. These are the elements that make you who you are, the ideal person for the job. How could you combine them in your life in a more fulfilling, nourishing (self-nourishing) and successful way? Are you ready to explore them and to take your life and purpose to the next level?

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Friday, 9 April 2010

The Advanced Chakra System

I promised some time ago to write about the advanced 12 chakra system. This then is the first of a series of articles that will appear here on the subject.

This extended chakra system, as you probably realise, is far less well-known than the on-body, 7-chakra system which is often spoken about by practitioners of alternative medicine and religious devotees, amongst others. There is, however, now an increasing awareness that the system of chakras, the points in our auras where we process energy, is far more extensive than had hitherto been believed.

But then we are far more than our bodies. It is when we start to open up to spirit and start upon our higher soul journey, what many call the 'Ascension Process', that the chakras beyond the body start to come into their own. This 12-chakra energy system lies latent in many people until they reach a point in their spiritual growth when they need to go beyond their physical and worldly concerns.

The 7-chakra system includes the key on-body chakras, though anybody who has worked as a healer or with energy in other ways will probably have noticed that there are intermediate chakras between these main body-related points of energy exchange. For the sake of simplicity (because there are many variations), I will refer to the 7 key on-body chakras, as the base or root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye and the crown chakra.

This 7-chakra system governs your development on the Earth, helping you to align with the planet and learn your earthly lessons. Those of you who have received healing will be familiar with the concept of blockages in these chakras and related physical issues which seem to manifest when there are problems in dealing with the energy concerned.

Beyond the 7 chakras related to the body there are, in fact, a further 5 chakras extending above the crown chakra. This extended 12-chakra system assists your growth beyond your earthly self as you reach out to your place in the universe and develop on your spiritual pathway. When your awareness moves beyond issues of yourself and starts to encompass other realities and your experience of spirit and the divine, God or whatever you call it, so these chakras start to open up and become active. You begin to transcend your earthly reality and ready yourself for what comes next on your soul's pathway. Each of these chakras acts almost as a portal or door to another aspect of the universe and, as it starts to become active and affect your perception, it interacts with the chakras beneath it, gradually honing all aspects of your being. This opening and the wave-like shifts in your energy field can be smooth and without problems, but it is just as likely that issues of integration and alignment will surface as you become aware of this greater reality. This is very normal and just part of the learning process integral to your soul's pathway.

The aim then of these articles to follow is to share with you what I know of these higher chakras and what they govern - and to assist you to recognise what is happening as you ascend on your pathway. It is often disconcerting, especially if you have no points of reference, and it can feel as if you are starting all over again.

These articles will appear here on a regular basis, so do sign up to follow this blog if this is of interest to you or receive updates as an RSS feed, whichever you prefer. I will also be making this information available in a variety of formats, so if you would like to read it sooner rather than wait for it all to appear here, please watch out for the announcements here or sign up for the monthly Soul Pathway newsletter by clicking here.

If you have any comments, please do feel free to share them here, or if you prefer, please contact me directly at or on 0845 834 0294.

Kind regards


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Friday, 19 February 2010

2 Free Half-Day Workshops in aid of ActionAid

Transforming Lives - Workshops in Aid of ActionAid

Transform your life whilst helping to transform the lives of those in need!

Soul Pathway Coaching is holding 2 FREE half-day workshops on Saturday 20 March 2010 at the Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot, Oxfordshire in aid of ActionAid.

At Soul Pathway Coaching we believe that each of us is given gifts which we can use to live truly fulfilling lives and to help and inspire others. Do you feel you are living according to your life's or soul's purpose? Are you allowing yourself to be fully you, to be your authentic self? These workshops aim to help you start asking yourself what this means for you and how you might achieve changes for the better.

Join us and start transforming your life while helping to transform the lives of those in need. The workshops are free. We just ask that you donate £10 or more to ActionAid via our ActionAid fundraising page here prior to booking your place on one of the workshops. We hope to raise at least £435 which will fund three recreational sessions, providing therapy through play for children displaced by floods. Please give generously even if you cannot attend one of the workshops on this occasion.

The morning workshop will run from 10.30am to 1.00pm and the afternoon one from 2.00pm to 4.30pm. Refreshments will be available.

Please forward to any of your friends who might be interested. It would be fantastic to get a good result for ActionAid and start to transform the lives of traumatised children.

For more information visit and click on Events or

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My logo and the twelve-chakra system

The twelve chakra system

As many of you will have noticed, much of what is written about the chakra system of the individual makes reference to the 7 chakras of the body, and many people heal via a wide variety of different therapies on the basis of this.

Much as there are 12 dimensions of existence - about which more later - there are, in fact, also 12 chakras associated with the human soul, 7 of which are more familiarly those related to the body. As you will have heard said, though, we are more than just our bodies, and after a certain period of learning, probably taking many lifetimes to acquire, we start to open up to the higher chakras. This can be a disconcerting time for people, particularly if they don't understand what is happening. A different sort of work, and thus a different sort of healing, becomes necessary.

Over the coming weeks I will post articles here to explain about the various chakras, what they mean and what they govern in terms of our bodies and souls.

The story of my logo

Several people have already asked me what my logo means and how it came about. The labyrinth, the symbol of pilgrimage and the soul pathway is generally represented as having 7 rings, such as in the case of the Cretan labyrinth, or as having 11, such as in the beautiful medieval labyrinth, a famous example of which features on the floor of Chartres Cathedral.

I knew I wanted to incorporate a labyrinth somewhere in my logo, and for a while mistakenly thought it would be the lovely Cretan symbol. It was then, however, as is so often the way, made very clear to me by my guides that the labyrinth I needed, and my clients needed, did not yet exist. I was told in no uncertain terms that I would have to channel it, despite my blocks around drawing (I haven't yet progressed beyond infant school on that front!). So I took inspiration from the beautiful work of my creative friend, Lisa, and sat down with pen and paper and waited to see what St.Michael would say!

Immediately he reminded me of the wonderful energy formation that is produced when two ley lines cross - at a point called a node. If you find one, the healing available there is fantastic! (More of this at a later date, too.) That symbol takes the form of three concentric twelve-pointed stars and St. Michael said I must turn that into a labyrinth. It wasn't until a friend phoned and said that, for some reason, her guide, David was telling her that I needed a compass to do what I was doing, that I finally found a satisfactory way of managing this. Perfect, but then David also said that I needed to incorporate the light of a 5-pointed star into the design! Maths and geometry not being my strong point (either!), I briefly wondered 'why me?' but managed to finalise the design.

It wasn't until later that day that I came upon a passage in a book I was reading which said that another name for the Minotaur, who lived at the centre of the original labyrinth of mythology in Crete, was Asterion, which means 'star'. I then did some research and found that a key meaning of the 5-pointed star, as I have drawn it, is 'universal healing'.

So, it seems, we walk our soul pathway, we walk the labyrinth, ever inwards, advancing in learning, opening up to, and healing, our twelve dimensions, our twelve chakras, until we reach the centre, which is universal healing. And then we are asked to walk back outwards again to take this light to the world.

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Phone readings

Thanks for all the kind comments so far - on this blog and elsewhere!

I'd just like to let you know that in addition to my usual services, I am also offering phone readings now.

Just go to my web-site - - go to the Soul Pathway Healing page and scroll down to where it says 'Book here for a phone reading with Hanna!' You'll find a form underneath that where you can fill in which day of the week and what time you would like your reading to be. If you submit that form, you can make a payment quickly and easily via PayPal - either by debit/credit card or direct from your PayPal account. I will then contact you with a time to call for your reading and the number to call. Hopefully very easy! It means you can book a reading when you want, at any time of the day or night, without having to get through to me on the phone. And I can get back to you knowing that the appointment time is just right for you!

Give it a go! It costs just £40.00 for a 30-minute reading.

Kind regards


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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Welcome to the Soul Pathway Blog!

I am hoping that this blog will become a useful and lively way of communicating with my healing and coaching clients, delegates to my workshops and interested visitors. Just a quick post to say 'welcome!' at this stage, but I hope soon to be posting about coming events, special offers and discounts, as well as sharing information that may be of interest to you. You are welcome at any stage to join in the discussion or to sign up to follow this blog. I would love to hear from you about subjects raised, but most importantly about ways in which I can help.

In the meantime, please take a look at my web-site, for more information relating to coaching and healing, and feedback from my clients. And watch this space for news about workshops starting shortly!

Kind regards


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